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Kitchens Designed for Conviviality


Solutions that satisfy your need for socialising

The kitchen environment has evolved significantly over the years: initially housed in a separate room, it has gradually blended into the living room to claim the prominent role in this unique “open space” environment.
This evolution paves the way for a more convivial family atmosphere and enables you to arrange evenings where – if you happen to be the cook – you may play an active part.

The emotion of cooking in the company of other people and experimenting

with new recipes is becoming a year-round activity, rather than just a winter pastime.

At the heart of the space, your desire for company

Did you know that – according to several surveys – many people prefer eating at home more frequently and preparing their meals personally?
Also, people tend to prefer an aperitif or brunch in the comfort of their home, rather than dining out with their friends.

The emotion of cooking in the company of other people and experimenting with new recipes is becoming a year-round activity, rather than just a winter pastime.

For this reason, if you are among those fond of inviting people home and are in the process of designing your kitchen, you may be pleased to learn that a growing number of contemporary kitchens feature elements that favour functionality and conviviality.
The two island-counters of these kitchens are equipped with all the necessary elements for facilitating your task: hob, sink, a broad top and storage space for keeping all your accessories on hand.
Besides these elements, the islands also come with stools that enable you to enjoy the company of the people you love during the entire food preparation phase.

A snack counter for having breakfast together

Another interesting solution is to reserve the snack counter for cooking alone.

The Mood model includes a counter structured as a peninsula, where the section dedicated to meal consumption is in the higher area.
What are the advantages? In this way, you may focus on checking the cooking, have a better view of the people in front of you and have all the other functions – washing, for example – close by yet separated.
So, if you’re preparing dinner for friends, you may show them how you cook the foodstuffs while concealing any untidiness in the sink.

A curtain that you may open or close

Inspired by Japanese sushi bars, where guests are seated in front of the cook, “Mirage” island of Scenery displays an important difference: it comes with a partition element – a particularly useful item if you relish the freedom of choosing whether to reveal yourself to guests or not.

For instance, when inviting people for a formal dinner, the partition enables you to “hide” in a discrete way and enjoy a bit of privacy.
If, on the other hand, you’ve invited friends over and want to show them the entire meal preparation phase, simply open the partition and take centre-stage!

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