The style of the new living space

Стиль и дизайн

Minimalist design, glamorous details and choice quality materials

"Feel - Scenery" are designed as the ideal link between kitchen and living area; where furniture and fittings, sharing a common architectural language in a dialogue of forms and colours, produce continuity, integration and synergy between the functional and living spaces. Minimalist design and glamorous details, choice quality materials, an extraordinary variety of range and perfect functionality are the key features of two sophisticated furnishing projects, for the creation of original, contemporary, high-tech interior designs.
The two new solutions are the star players in these new rooms, with their integration of functions, relaxation and social activities

The focus is on contrasting gaps and solid units, geometrical lines and minimalist styling. The storage units (base and flap door wall units) are white gloss lacquered. The open-fronted wall units are Mink gloss lacquered. Porphyry Touch features on the worktop and the rather unusual desk. Changing geometries in the living area composition with suspended elements. Simple and severe, created with the aid of a large number of compositional variables, they facilitate free expression in an open space in which Scenery, the minimalist kitchen, dialogues with its sophisticated sister living area.

Adjoining the kitchen, the living area.
In the open space layout, furniture and matching fittings form a single design scheme, with functions and placings mixed and matched; here, the living area composition (one of the three different options available) offers continuity with the low cupboards in the kitchen "Feel" for added integration.

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